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  • Innovative design features ease of use, exceptional reliability and accuracy
  • EzEddy™ can reduce eddy current inspection time by 50%
  • Making our skies safer and your inspection easier and faster
    EzEddy™ is the system for insuring the integrity of components with complex geometries
System Software

EzEddy's™ computerized system controller directs the probe, scanning the component while following a preprogrammed sequence of movements. The system uses the same software that has proven so reliable on the NIPSCAN Ultrasonic Immersion System developed by AIMS NDT BV, offering cross- training opportunities to NIPSCAN users.

EzEddy™ software features calculation options to aid in programming inspection patterns for complex components. A side view of the component is created, and this visualization assists in both programming and actual inspection.

Data Display

EzEddy™ presents data acquired during inspection in strip charts and C-scans on the computer monitor. Information on the exact and relative position of the probe is also displayed.

Data Analysis

EzEddy's™ auto evaluation feature is initiated by the technician when the automated inspection is completed. The stored data is automatically reviewed and evaluated, and a list of indications is created. By simply selecting a particular indication, the probe will reposition itself to that location. The technician is then able to rescan that area and make an independent verification of the indicated flaw.

Data Storage

EzEddy™ documents and stores the data accumulated during an inspection in various ways. An electronic strip chart and a user defined report are generated, and may be stored on a CD-Rewritable optical disk for future trend analysis.

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